Academic self-management

Typical key topics of Academic Self Management are time and project planning, which should ideally include all areas of work (e.g. work in the research project, advancing the PhD project, collaborations with colleagues, publications, teaching, administrative activities). In addition to concrete tasks and activities, the aims of one's own academic development must also be considered. Further, there is the question of how, in the individual case, these areas can be balanced with one's own everyday life and the conditions prevailing there (e.g. in the areas of family, relationships, friendships, health, hobbies).
Academic Self Management is therefore about much more than simply identifying work packages, setting short- and long-term goals, and structuring time. Finding out one's own priorities (related to project work, academic development, and life in general) is closely intertwined with more essential questions of where one derives one's own motivation from as a researcher, how one understands and balances one's own role(s) in different contexts and relationships, and what is personally perceived as meaningful.
For this reason, we take a look at both sides in the workshop: The more "technical" side of work organization – whereby we include as many areas of work and private life as possible and address a diverse range of self and time management techniques – and the more "personal" side of one's own resources, motivations and values.

The workshop will be held by Dr. Andrea Karsten and will take place at the campus of the University of Paderborn, in room E 5.333.

Registration will be done as usual via KoMo.