4th Summer School on Social Human-Robot Interaction

From September 18 – 23 Josephine Beryl Fisher (A01), Vivien Lohmer (A04) and Amit Singh (A05) were at the 4th edition of the Summer School in Social Human-Robot-Interaction at the  European Centre for Geological Education in Chęciny, Poland.


Researchers from all over the world and from various disciplines came together and spend five days with interesting talks (e.g. Kerstin Fischer, Judith Holler and Roger K. Moore among others), exciting workshops (programming NAO and Furhat) and learning interesting methods to analyse interaction (e.g., Recurrence Quantification Analysis and conversational analysis in HRI). In addition to this, all PhDs had the chance to present their research as a poster in a dedicated session. 


Josephine Beryl Fisher (A01) presented her work on substantiveness in explanations with special focus on the initiation of new topics by the explainee. View poster


Vivien Lohmer (A04) presented her ongoing work concerning the interactive structure of an explanation and how participants are making the end of an explanation accountable. View Poster


Amit Singh (A05) presented his ongoing work on ‘interactive contrasts’ investigating the effect of linguistic repairs – e.g., negations - on explainee’s online attention in an interactive HRI context. View Poster