Bet­ter Un­der­stand­ing Un­der­stand­ing

The research area “A” at TRR 318 explores the question of “explaining,” with the goal of developing a multidisciplinary understanding of the process of explanation. To accomplish this, researchers are also working to better understand the process of understanding itself.

From July 4-5, professors Dr. Michelene Chi and Dr. Kurt VanLehn from Arizona State University in the United States visited TRR 318 to discuss these questions and more. Professor Chi is an expert in the field of cognitive science, including learning and understanding processes, while Professor VanLehn specializes in interactive intelligent learning systems.

During their two-day visit to TRR 318, Michelene Chi gave a talk on the topic of “Processes of Learning and Evaluating Learning.” Kurt VanLehn spoke about interactive learning tasks and their applicability to the process of explanation. In addition to this, TRR subprojects A01 and A02 presented their research and discussed their findings together with the visiting professors. Their visit also included more discussion rounds, a workshop on “Tutoring and Explanations” and a guided tour of the Heinz-Nixdorf-Forum in Paderborn.

Prof. Dr. Michelene Chi (Arizona State University)
Prof. Dr. Kurt VanLehn (Arizona State University)