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Scientific Conferences

Since 2022, TRR 318 has hosted its own international scientific conference titled “Explaining Machines”. The first conference in June 2022 was held at Bielefeld University and focused on perspectives from the social sciences on explainable artificial intelligence (known as XAI for short).

Second TRR 318 Conference "Measuring Understanding"

This year's conference, entitled "Measuring Understanding", takes an interdisciplinary look explicitly at explanations and asks how understanding can be achieved and measured in explanatory processes. The conference will take place from 6 to 7 November at Paderborn University; contributions can be submitted now. More Information

Annual conferences are planned in the years to come.

Researchers from TRR 318 also attend numerous external international academic conferences, where they give talks, organize panel discussions, and participate in panel discussions and workshops. Below is a list of upcoming conferences, with information on past conferences further down the page.

Upcoming conferences

29.05.2023, London (UK)

TRR project leaders present publication at Life-Long Learning with Human Help (L3H2) Workshops.

18.09.2023, Turin (Italy)

Transregio at organizes a workshop titled „Explainable Artificial Intelligence: From Static to Dynamic (DynXAI)“ at the ECML PKDD 2023.

05.-07.06.2023, Berlin

The Transregio is represented at re:publica with an installation. Here, visitors can experience AI at eye level.

06.-07.11.2023, Paderborn University

The second international conference held by TRR 318. Further information coming soon.

Previous Conferences

26.-29.03.2023, Trier

TRR researchers will participate on site with presentations and posters.

20.-22.09.2022, Paderborn University

Talk by Katharina Rohlfing; Panels with poster of the subprojects A05, Ö, C02 and A03; Poster presentation of subproject A03 in the HNF

27.-30.07.2022, Toronto

TRR poster presentation about "Explain with, rather than explain to: How explainees shape their learning". Show poster

23.-26.01.2023, Kanagawa (Japan)

TRR researchers on site with presentation on human-robot interactions, and TRR research

12.-15.09.2022, London

TRR researchers featured with workshop on "Better understanding scaffolding mechanisms to advance research on (explainable) AI"

19.-23.07.2022, Porto

TRR researchers featured with contributions on Interpretable Machine Learning and organization of the invited session on XAI

25.-28.09.2022, Paderborn University

TRR 318 on site with panel on "Dialogical and Social Role in Explanatory Processes".

10.-15.09.2022, Hildesheim

TRR Scientist on site with presentations on "elements of explaining"

23.-24.06.2022, Bielefeld University

Lectures and talks with international researchers focusing on social science perspectives on XAI