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TRR 318 Studies

Explore studies currently being conducted at TRR 318.

If you would like to volunteer in our studies, you can subscribe to our study mailing list.

All studies are conducted in German.

Study selection

Video study on explanatory processes

Project groups A01 and A04 are investigating explanatory processes by looking at how people explain board games to each other.

Study on the process of understanding processes

Project group A02 is investigating the linguistic and non-verbal communication behavior of two people during an explanation of a board game in order better understand the process of comprehension.

Study on solving tasks together with the virtual agent "Floka"

In this study from project A05, participants are asked to complete short tasks on a touch screen with the support of the intelligent assistant “Floka.”

Study on attention in the process of explanatoryexplanation process

This experiment by project group A05 aims to investigate how eye movements are related to speech comprehension.

Study on daily encounters with artificial intelligence

Project group B03 is investigating where people experience artificial intelligence in daily life and how they perceive it. Participants record their encounters with AI in an app over a period of four weeks.

Study on human-robot interactions

In project group B05’s study, participants meet an interactive robot, while researchers observe how they teach movements to the robot. This study also investigates the expectations participants have regarding the robot’s learning behaviour.

Online study on the use of metaphors in explanations

Project group C04 is exploring how metaphors function in explanations and how AI can use metaphors while explaining. An online study is being used to analyze when and how metaphors are used in explanations and what effect they have on comprehension.

TRR 318 Studies

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