De­vel­op­ing ex­plan­a­tions to­geth­er - Past Is­sues

In the newsletter of Transregio (TRR) 318 "Constructing Explainability" we present our research projects, workshops on artificial intelligence (AI) as well as new publications and upcoming talks. You can subscribe to the newsletter using the form on the right. Let's develop explanations together!



  • 01|2023 March: Behind the scenes of TRR 318
  • 02|2023 June: Halftime of the First Funding Phase
  • 03|2023 November: 2nd TRR Conference "Measuring Understanding"


  • 01|2022 June: Studies on the explainability of artificial intelligence underway
  • 02|2022 November: On AI and Robotics in Healthcare
  • 03|2022 December: The year at a glance

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