Co-Construction Workshops: Discover Artificial Intelligence

Co-Construction Workshops: Discover artificial intelligence

You can experience artificial intelligent (AI) systems firsthand in our Co-Construction Workshops (CCWS), where participants learn about how AI works and how data impacts AI systems. Participants also get to discuss and debate the implications of using AI systems.

All workshops are held in German.

Work­shop of­fer

Workshops for school classes:

  • School students explore different AI systems and compare them with each other. The aim is to understand how the systems work in depth and to discuss the influence of data and measurement errors on AI decisions.

Workshops for medical students:

  • Medical students investigate an AI system that provides support for medical diagnoses. This workshop is part of a course for medical students at Bielefeld University.

Workshops for policymakers & stakeholders:

  • Participants can interactively design explanations of artificial intelligence systems: First, they acquire subject-specific knowledge, then they can interact with an actual AI system. The workshop is modular and tailored to participants' areas of interest or expertise.


For workshops inquiries, please get in touch at Workshops are currently only available in German.