Project C01: Healthy distrust in explanations

The focus of Project C01 is on crucial overarching properties of decisions and explanations. The aim is to investigate the important question of how a person’s critical attitude towards an AI system can be supported by fostering a healthy distrust in intelligent systems, and whether and how this attitude can be reinforced by means of explainable machine learning methods. This attitude is crucial for persons to act mindfully and be empowered to shape AI. The project benefits from interdisciplinary expertise in experimental studies and formal modeling as well as from being able to use cases from the domain of machine learning.


Research areas: Computer science, Psychology

Project leaders

Prof. Dr. Barbara Hammer, Bielefeld University

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Scharlau, Paderborn University


Tobias Peters, Paderborn University

Roelof Visser, Bielefeld University

Support staff

Fritz Lange, Paderborn University

Michael Peter Neuss, Paderborn University