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Interactive learning of explainable, situation-adapted decision models (Project C02)

Different strategies are necessary for different situations in machine-based decision-making. The strategy to be used depends, for instance, on the amount of time or information available to make the decision. In Project C02, researchers from the fields of computer science and economics are working on a method to adapt decision-making models to different situations in which experts and users are incorporated in the process of construction. The goal is to enable decision-makers to choose the most suitable model and to be able to retroactively check the decision made.

In this video the project leaders present their view of co-construction.
Research areas

computer science, economics

Project leaders

Prof. Dr. Eyke Hüllermeier, LMU Munich

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Thommes, Paderborn University


Jaroslaw Kornowicz, Paderborn University

Michael Rapp, LMU Munich

Support Staff

Nils Bojack, Paderborn University

Julia Rustemeier, Paderborn University

Luca Manuel Siekermann, Paderborn University