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Sunday, 25.09.2022 - Wednesday, 28.09.2022

TRR 318 at the 27th German Congress of Germanists 2022

For many years, the German Conference of Germanists has been a joint forum for university Germanists and German teachers from all over the world. The 27th edition of the Germanists' Day with the main theme "Ambiguities" will take place at the University of Paderborn . TRR 318 will be represented with a panel on "Dialogical and Social Role in Explanatory Processes" on Monday of the conference:

Panel "Dialogical and Social Role in Explanatory Processes"
Monday, 9/26/2022, 2:00-4:00pm - Room H4.203

Panel Description: "Everyday life is increasingly dominated by technology, which requires an explanation at the very latest when it no longer works. In this context, it is also increasingly common for explanations to be constructed together because the objects of explanation are not explainable even to experts. This interdisciplinary panel aims to derive the roles of explanation from the literature and discuss them in light of today's challenges towards the explainability of complex technologies."

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