TRR 318 organises workshops on the topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and explainable artificial intelligence (XAI).

Co-Con­struc­tion Work­shops

In our co-construction workshops, you can explore an artificially intelligent system. You will learn more about how AI works and what influence data has on the system. These workshops are offered by appointment and are aimed at different target groups such as school classes and decision-makers. The workshops are held in german.

Up­com­ing Work­shops

TempXAI: Explainable AI for Time Series and Data Streams Tutorial-Workshop

09.09 - 13.09.24, Vilnius (Lithuania) | This full day workshop focuses on exploring the crucial intersection of Explainable AI (XAI) and the challenges posed by time series and data streams

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Past Work­shops

Ethics and Nor­ma­ti­vi­ty of Ex­plaina­ble AI

15.05 - 17.05.24, Paderborn | The workshop serves to sort out different normative expectations and implications and tries to link them to the task of value-oriented technology design.

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