New News­let­ter Is­sue at the Half­time of the First Fund­ing Phase

Half of the first funding phase for TRR 318 "Constructing Explainability" is behind us and with a number of completed studies and initial research results, much has already been accomplished. In addition, we welcome a new subproject to TRR 318.

The project, led by Junior Professor Dr. Suzana Alpsancar and Professor Dr. Tobias Matzner, focuses on the ethical framework of explainable artificial intelligence and is presented in more detail in the newsletter.

In "AI is...", junior professor Dr. Ilona Horwarth explains the ethical challenges of AI, whose use and application is spreading rapidly without regulation. In "What have I learned?" PhD student André Groß explains how important it is to document and publish research data and results so that other scientists can also use them. Also, there are reading tips for (research) articles and the latest news from the Transregio at a glance.

Read the whole newsletter: Developing explanations together 02|2023

In the newsletter of TRR 318, the team of the public relations project informs about news from the Transregio: In addition to announcements of events, lectures and workshops, the newsletter provides insights into the scientific work. The newsletter is published two to four times a year and can be subscribed to here.