First Is­sue of TRR 318 News­let­ter “De­vel­op­ing Ex­plan­a­tions To­geth­er” Pub­lished

The Transregio newletter shares all the latest news from TRR 318 in several sections. In addition to announcements for upcoming events, lectures, and workshops, the newsletter provides a glimpse into TRR 318’s scientific work and explains key technical terms used in artificial intelligence (AI) research.

The first issue of this newsletter, “Developing Explanations Together”, has now been released, focusing on the many studies and workshops that have been launched in the individual subprojects. Under the header “Publications”, for example, a short film is presented that shows the first Co-Construction Workshop with a school class. Under the header “AI is…”, TRR 318’s spokesperson Katharina Rohlfing dispels the cliché that ‘AI is only for computer scientists’, and under the header “What have I learned?” Annedore Wilmes, of subproject C04, speaks about interdisciplinary research work at Transregio.

The first issue of this newsletter is available online. Moving forward, this newsletter is planned to be published several times per year. If you are interested, you can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Developing explanations together 01|2022