Upgrade on Interdisciplinarity - Conflict Management

As researchers in interdisciplinary teams, you are particularly challenged to deal with conflicts actively and constructively. Learn to recognize conflicts in your teams in time and to understand their causes. Use effective methods in dealing with conflicts to react appropriately with solution-oriented attitudes and behaviors even in difficult situations. You are cordially invited to reflect and work on your own cases and experiences during the workshop.


Understanding conflicts

  • Causes and symptoms of conflicts in interdisciplinary teams
  • Recognizing conflict potentials
  • Dynamics of escalation of conflicts
  • Recognizing and reflecting on one's own attitude and conflict style

Conflict resolution techniques

  • Basic patterns of conflict resolution.
  • What helps in conflict: guiding questions of conflict analysis
  • Getting out of the conflict spiral and emotions in conflicts
  • Conversation and communication techniques in conflicts
  • Conflict prevention in interdisciplinary work

The workshop will be held online by Dr. Britta Foltz. You can register as usual until 09.12. via KoMo.