Marta Exhibition SHIFT.KI: Workshop "Lego and Robotics - Programming"

Since June 17, the exhibition "SHIFT.KI and a future community" is on display at the Museum of Art Marta Herford, where artists present their science-related work complexes. In this context, the Bielefeld and Paderborn Universities offer workshops in which visitors have the opportunity to test and explore different AI systems.

On two dates, the TRR 318 offers workshops on AI systems aimed at visitors of all ages. The third workshop on robotics is organized by the University of Bielefeld under the direction of TRR researchers and is aimed at young people.

How do I encounter AI?

In the workshops on August 20 and September 03, visitors will get an insight into the basics of artificial intelligence. They can explore what is behind the AI systems they encounter in many places in everyday life.

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Lego and Robotics - Programming

This workshop was designed by members of the Medical Assistance Systems group under the direction of Transregio researcher Professor Dr.-Ing. Britta Wrede. On September 24, young people (14 years and older) will have the opportunity to experiment with Lego robots. They will learn the basics of programming and the different sensors of the Lego system in a playful way.

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