TRR 318 at the 52. Congress of the German Psychological Society

The 52nd Congress of the German Psychological Society will take place from September 10 to 15 at the University of Hildesheim. Following the motto "view on | of science", the topics to be discussed include digital health, augmented learning and human-technology partnership. TRR 318 will be present on Tuesday of the conference (Sept. 13, 1:45 p.m.) with a panel on "Elements of explanation". Researchers from five subprojects will present their research in 15-minute poster presentations.

An overview of the panel on Sept. 13:

Time Title Researchers involved Project
13:45 "It Takes Two to Tango: A Qualitative Study to Investigate the Partner Models of Interlocutors" Erick K. Ronoh, Viviane Gladow, Josephine B. Fisher, Katharina J. Rohlfing,
Heike M. Buhl
14:00 "Die Anpassungen von Erklärungen an das Verständnis des Erklärgegenstandes der Gesprächspartner" Michael Erol Schaffer, Lea Budde, Carsten Schulte, Heike M. Buhl A04
14:15 "Folgen wiederholter Negation auf die Aufmerksamkeit" Ngoc Chi Banh, Ingrid Scharlau, Katharina J. Rohlfing A05
14:30 "Gesundes Misstrauen gegenüber Erklärungen"

Tobias Martin Peters, Ingrid Scharlau

14:45 "Highlighting and Hiding – Metaphors as an Explanation Tool" Annedore Wilmes, Ingrid Scharlau C04
15:15 Symposium - Discussion    

The complete program of the conference