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All studies are conducted in German.

Study selection

Project group A04 is conducting research on explanatory processes. They are looking for adult test people (German-speaking, C2) interested in games for video studies. The study takes place on campus of Paderborn University.

Duration: 1,5 h (incl. perparation)

Allowance: 10€/Hour



Project group A01 is investigating explanatory processes by looking at how people explain board games to each other.

This experiment by project group A05 aims to investigate how eye movements are related to speech comprehension.

Project group B03 is investigating where people experience artificial intelligence in daily life and how they perceive it. Participants record their encounters with AI in an app over a period of four weeks. Contact: Patrick Henschen.

Project group C04 is exploring how metaphors function in explanations and how AI can use metaphors while explaining. An online study is being used to analyze when and how metaphors are used in explanations and what effect they have on comprehension.

This study is conducted by project B05. The participants train a robot. This study examines how the task are completed and which options are used. The study takes place in Bielefeld. Registration: or via the QR-Code in the flyer.

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