The Writing Retreat

The Writing Retreat offers exactly what its name suggests: You can withdraw from everyday academic hustle and have lots of time to write (and read, think, conceptualize, analyze,...).

At the core of the Writing Retreat are "shut-up-and-write" phases in which we all write together at individual desks in a shared room. To inspire writing and working in a concentrated and productive fashion, the silent writing phases are interspersed with inputs and exercises in which you are encouraged to reflect on and, if necessary, expand your repertoire of writing strategies.

There is also the opportunity to take individual writing consultations or receive text feedback. 


The next Writing Retreat will take place on 18.-20.10.2023. Registration will be done via our KOMO course.

If the time seems long until the next Writing Retreat, do check out our dates for the shorter Writing Days in Bielefeld and Paderborn.