Members of the University of Paderborn

Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer, Vice President for Research and Young Scientists and Professor at the Institute of Computer Science Anda-Lisa Harmening, Manager of the Graduate Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Martina Philippi, Representative of the postdocs

Members of Bielefeld University

Prof. Dr. Marie I. Kaiser, Professor of Philosophy of Science and former Vice-Rector for Human Resources Development and Gender Equality (own Homepage)

Dr. Uschi Baaken, Equal Opportunities Officer

Vivien Lohmer, Representative of the doctoral students

External members

Prof. Dr. Nicole Kronberger, Professor of Social Psychology at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Prof. Dr. Anna Kosmützky, Professor for Methodology of Higher Education and Science Research at Leibniz University Hannover

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