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Monday, 29.11.2021 | 09.00 Uhr - 15.00 Uhr

Kick-Off 2 for a writing group (Graduate School)

It's easier to write together than alone. This kick-off writing day is all about establishing good routines for regular writing groups:

  • What platforms and formats are suitable for writing groups, both in presence and in a digital group environment?
  • How do we set achievable writing goals and celebrate when we reach them?
  • How do we motivate ourselves to start, continue, and persevere?
  • What forms of sharing and feedback are useful for an interdisciplinary writing group?

The aim of the kick-off is for participants to get started with their own self-organized writing group right away.

To register for the kick-off, please send a short e-mail to andrea.karsten(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de by 22.11.21.

There is an alternative workshop with the same topic on 04.11.21.